Friday, 15 May 2009

Profiling Java - Part 2 | Chanchal Kumar

Chanchal Kumar writes:

Continuing on the earlier disussion about java profilers, here is a nice list you should spend some time to evaluate. All these solutions have their pros and cons and you should try them out to see which one suits your requirements the best; remember there is no single panacea for your profiling needs and experience is your best friend in this area.

List of java profilers (in no particular order):

* Yourkit
* JPobe
* JRat
* JProifler
* JMeter
* JXInsight

and last but not the least:

* VisualVM

Ofcourse if you really want to create your own medicine and have the required competence and patience (and no manager breathing deadlines down your neck), you could try making your own custom profiler, you need to know JVM Tool Interface for that; see this nice JVMTI User Guide.

Happy Profiling!!

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