Thursday, 14 May 2009

Profiling Java - Part 1 | Chanchal Kumar

Chanchal Kumar writes:

If you have been missing out on a good Java profiling tool with a GUI, you should give the trial version of JProfiler a shot:

JProfiler lets you get a close look at your VM, and the visuals are intuitive and self-revelatory.

Unfortunately, JProfiler comes for a price but if you are satisfied, I believe its worth every penny you spend.

If you really are bent upon using an open-source tool, you will be happy to know that Sun Microsystems has released
VisualVM as part of its 6u7 release. If you have been an avid user of jinfo, jmap, jstack, jstat, jconsole; you would now see all of these clubbed together in a single tool. Also the Profiling GUI is quite sleek and, if not as good as JProfiler, does the job.

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