Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Profiling with YourKit in Eclipse | Chanchal Kumar

Chanchal Kumar writes:

Here is a quick primer for profiling in Eclipse using YourKit:

1) Lets take an (over)simplified piece of (buggy) code as an example to see how:

2) Now lets write a small unit test to catch our bug:

3) Now lets download YourKit and integrate it with your eclipse as follows:

4) Follow the prompts and your eclipse will show the nice YourKit icon as:

5) Lets first run our test not pushing our JVM too much:

6) Lets push our JVM a little now:

Aha, an OutOfMemoryError, time to profile.....

7) Lets see how to Profile as a JUnit Test:

8) YourKit window pops up like this and in our simple scenario, we find our bottleneck ;-)

9) Cool, isn't it!?!

Happy YourKitting!!

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